Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Proud Career Changer

I made a decision a couple months ago to head in a different direction. It started when I looked at my career path and well-being in life and saw my financial struggles and frustrations as a sign for change. I have a bachelor's degree that is just a title, helps me competitively to get a job, but it is not really doing much for me. I don't have a lot of skills on my resume, but I know I am talented and deserve a career that is fun and rewarding, not just an insignificant job.

I am surprised at myself because I said I would never go back to school, too many loans. But then I realized that I can't even afford to pay them, let alone catch up on my debt. It is time to take a stand in my life, and get it in the direction that I know I deserve, God willing. God wants us to prosper and succeed, this is how we get our blessings and a way that His work is done through us. I want to be in a financial position to help others, in small and big ways. I want to give not just money, but time to others.

Hmm, I want to get into this more, but I have to head off to work. More on the next post.

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