Friday, April 2, 2010

Its about time!! No more relaxer.

Sigh.... Okay.

I am trying to get use to this blogging thing. I think it will really catch on in my routine if I just force it, make it a habit. You know, like going to the gym. Sometimes I get confused of what I want to write about, I want options so I don't want to just blog about my hair...

Speaking of my hair, I cut off my relaxed ends about two weeks ago. I just had this strong urge to get rid of the raggedy straight hair, my natural hair was just flourishing! My fiance was so supportive and excited for me, and was so adoring with my hair when I was finished. I was going to go to the beauty salon, but I was apprehensive about which one, and didn't have that much money to spend at a shop that might cut off a little too much of my new growth. So I thought the easiest way for me to cut was this: after a good wash and condition and my hair still wet, I used all natural Shea butter to moisturize, and Fruit of Nature's Aloe Vera Gel for hold, and two strand twisted my hair. By the time I got finished with the twist I could see clearly what was stringy and not holding (processed hair) and just cut that off. Worked pretty well and I felt very confident in the process. I wasn't worried about my hair being even, since its kinky anyway and I am getting sister locks. I remember laughing when I read this one lady say on a post, "whats so complicated, just take your hair, cut the straight part, and leave the curly part. That's it."

So that's what I did, but setting it in kinky twists helped tremendously, plus I killed two birds with one stone, since I had a cute style in the end.

Oh yeah, and I received lots of compliments at work, from women with processed hair, and extra kudos to those all ready natural. One lady with locks said to me, "its about time!"