Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Planning for School

Sigh, well so much I want to do but it takes time. I am waiting for the money to get my sisterlocks, meanwhile my hair grows more unruly. I am making plans to go to school to get my credentials as a registered dietitian. I am a career changer! For anyone that is planning to change careers or thinking about going back to school, start your research early.. months in advance. Its not a decision that is made overnight, and you have to plan. You need to think about location, which school is best for you, do you all ready have loans that are federal funded and if so did you max out? What scholarships can you get? Does the school of choice have the proper credentials? Do they assist with internships, will you be prepared if you graduated there? I am looking into all of these things, I think I found a school me and my sweetheart my go to or at least schools very close to each other; he is planning to get his doctorate. I hear a lot of people not support their personal thought of returning to school, because of the "years" it takes to complete. I am ready, God has more for me than what I am doing now. I have more to learn and more to develop so His glory and love will shine through. I am more than what I am now, I have more to offer in life, and more love to give, that is why I keep going.