Sunday, September 12, 2010

Product Updates

Its been a while since my last post.. there have been a few changes so thought I would do an update. I very rarely use Pantene's Relaxed and Natural shampoo. The bottle I had first was an older formula. I found this out once I ran out, and purchased a new bottle. When I used the new bottle I noticed my hair was very dry, like "ouch!" dry. I compared the ingredients and noticed that the old formula lists petroleum as one of the primary ingredients while the new formula had this ingredient further down the list... now why in the world would they do that? I know its petroleum and most naturals stay away from it, but I always loved the Pantene relaxed and natural.

I improvised by mixing the shampoo with a little olive oil, which worked lovely the first couple of times, then eventually whatever was left in my bottle days later had this watered down brown gross look that was so unappealing I said just forget it.

For now I decided to stick with Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Magic Soaps. I ran out of the peppermint and decided to purchase a new scent: Hemp Rose. Very lovely fragrance, I like it so far. I still get that very clean feeling but safe enough to not feel like its making my hair dry. Oh and I still dilute it 1/2 water and 1/2 Magic Soap.

I seldom do an ACV rinse now, not because it doesn't work anymore, but because I haven't had the filmy scalp problem like I had before. I don't know if it is the ACV rinses that have nurtured my scalp or if its the Dr. Bronner's soap. It could simply be a new season for my scalp, who knows! But maybe once every 1.5 months I will do an ACV rinse for that extra clean scalp feel.

I also am trying a new conditioner, free of petroleum, alchohol, parabens and artificial dyes and fragrances. Its by Pure Life Soap, Co. They have different varieties, but I purchased the Chamomile conditioner. It has pure and nutritive cold pressed extracts and it smells so good! Plus the bottle mentioned the chamomile aiding in natural highlights so I thought I would give it a go... I want to lighten my hair without using harsh dyes. I used lemon juice twice but I think I would see better results if I used it consistently.